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Dogs—they’re our companions, helpers, protectors, and, for many of us, our family. Yet some of our canine companions are capable of wreaking serious havoc. Dog bites in particular are so prevalent that the World Health Organization reports approximately 4.5 million people are injured by them annually in the United States. The most vicious attacks cause serious and even life-threatening injuries. In Orange County, CA, and surrounding areas, victims have to navigate the complicated, state-specific dog bite laws, even while they’re in recovery.

The good news is you can trust Atticus Injury Law to help navigate the complex nature of dog bite laws in the region. Those who break Orange County dog bite laws face serious consequences, and there could be compensation for those who get bitten. Atticus Wegman and his team aren’t afraid to stand by your side and work hard for fair compensation for your injuries. As a dog bite attorney in Orange County, he cares about clients facing the physical and emotional trauma of dog bites—and fights back.

Do I Need a Dog Bite Attorney?

You may think you can handle your dog bite case yourself. But there’s no need to add more stress when trying to recover from an injury. If you’re in the Orange County area, you can call a trial-ready dog bite attorney at Atticus Injury Law. We roll up our sleeves and get to work immediately. We investigate a case’s legal ins and outs and spend time creating a close and trusting relationship with our clients.

Advise You on Legal Options and Remedies

We’ll tell you honestly what we think about the merits of your legal case. We’ll investigate thoroughly to give you a realistic understanding of your potential compensation.

Negotiate with Insurance Companies

Sometimes, you have to deal with a homeowners insurance company if you’re bitten on someone’s property. We take the hassle of bickering and negotiating with the insurance company off your shoulders.

Fight Your Case in Court

You may settle before ever setting foot in court. However, sometimes a settlement doesn’t work out. You need a trial-tested attorney like Atticus Wegman, who isn’t afraid to go to bat for you in front of a judge.

What to Do After a Dog Bite

If a dog bites you, take the following steps.

Seek Medical Attention Immediately

It’s better to be safe than sorry. Seek medical treatment immediately. Your dog bite can become infected, or the injury may be more severe than it first appears.

Collect Evidence

Gather information about the owner, the breed of the dog, any applicable homeowners insurance policy, and the dog’s vaccination history. Also collect names and contact information for any witnesses.

Contact the Authorities

Orange County requires that you report any animal bite to the Orange County Animal Control Center. If you’re wondering how to report a dog bite in Orange County, you can do so by calling 714-796-6421 or filing out and faxing a form.

Contact a Dog Bite Attorney

A dog bite lawyer in Orange County will advise you on your rights and can help with the claims filing process. Plus, they can help you file a lawsuit if the case doesn’t settle.

California Dog Bite Law

California law takes dog bites seriously and imposes legal liability on the dog’s owner. The owner may be responsible for paying your medical bills, costs, and other compensation.

Strict Liability

California law holds dog owners strictly liable for their dog’s bites, even if it’s their first time biting someone. All that the injured party must prove is:

  • The dog bit them,
  • The owner owned the dog at the time of the bite,
  • The injured party was in a public place or where they had a lawful right to be at the time of the attack.

The injured party doesn’t have to prove that the dog bit someone before or was especially dangerous.

Exceptions to Strict Liability

California law has some exceptions to holding owners strictly liable for dog bites. Below are some common exceptions. However, you should discuss your situation with a dog bite attorney in Orange County.

Assumption of Risk

Under the law, veterinarians, dog trainers, dog walkers, and other dog workers assume some level of risk of a dog bite when they decide to work with dogs. Thus, these professionals can sue an owner for a bite only if the owner did not warn them about the dog’s dangerous behavior.

Police or Military Dogs

Law enforcement dogs also fall within the strict liability exception. Law enforcement is not strictly liable if the dog bites a suspect. However, they are strictly liable if the dog bites an innocent bystander.

Compensation Available in Dog Bite Cases

Generally, California law allows injured parties to recover compensation from a dog bite. This compensation may include the following:

  • Medical costs,
  • Lost past and future wages,
  • Pain and suffering,
  • Emotional distress damages, and
  • Property damage.

You may wonder, how much is a dog bite lawsuit worth? Every dog bite case is different, and the injuries can vary greatly. Thus, the value of your dog bite case depends on your specific circumstances.

What If I Am Partly at Fault for the Dog Bite?

California uses the concept of “contributory negligence” if you provoke or harass the dog. This means that a court will assign you a percentage of responsibility and reduce your compensation by that percentage. For example, if a court finds that your compensation should be $50,000, but you were 20% at fault, your award would be reduced to $40,000.

What Happens to the Dog?

Many worry about what happens to a dog after a bite. In most cases, the dog is quarantined for ten days, typically in its home.

If your injury is severe or the dog has repeatedly bitten people, Orange County Animal Control may petition a court to declare a dog “potentially dangerous” or “vicious.” Depending on the circumstances, the court may impose severe restrictions on the dog and its owner. If a court declares the dog “vicious,” the dog could be destroyed.

Hire Our Trusted Advocates for Your Dog Bite Case

A dog bite can be a traumatic experience. Fortunately, Atticus Injury Law is here for you. We’ll work hard to meet your legal needs while showing you care. Our trial-tested personal injury practice mixes our legal knowledge with our deep desire to keep our client relationship at the forefront of our strategies. We are here for you for the long haul. Contact us today.


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Atticus is the BEST attorney who will work hard to get you the best results... It was us against a huge company who had their top attorneys fighting to make sure we got the lowest settlement . Our first attorney told us to settle and that we would NEVER win against them. We were referred to Atticus by a mom on my sons high school baseball team and I reached out to him. He was heaven sent and Atticus and his team fought for us to make sure we got everything that was owed to us. Atticus’ hard work and knowledge of the legal system made the difference in securing us a huge settlement! His hard work and determination changed our lives forever as we are financially secure for life! Don’t waste your time looking for injury attorneys on the internet or TV. Call Atticus for EXCELLENT representation. You will be glad you did!!!! Sincerely, Carlos B., RN, BSN
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Atticus Wegman is an outstanding attorney that gets results. His attention to detail and ability to think through the issues on multiple levels eliminates surprises for his clients and gets them the best results possible. From my personal experience, I know that his work ethic is superb as is his knowledge, consistency, trustworthiness and reliability.
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Attorney Atticus Wegman explained everything in terms that I could understand. He provided me with options when I thought I had none. Atticus made the entire experience far less intimidating than I had anticipated....
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Call Atticus as he is the best!! He worked so hard for my case and I was compensated for my personal injuries and loss of wages. Atticus took my case and always kept me updated and followed through on everything. Thank you Atticus for all your hard work and taking my case very personal as I obtained compensation 3 times more than expected.